Sailing in the calmer waters [MEA021]

Sailing in the calmer waters










  • Duration: 1 day
  • Dates: April-October
  • Group size: 1 min – 12 max
  • Fitness level: Any


Itinerary – option 1

One of the oldest and biggest National Parks in Europe awaits to show you the wonders it holds!

Join us on a cruise sailing around the Montenegrin prison from the 19th century – once a dreaded island of Grmozur. There is a story that says only one prisoner ever managed to escape the infamous “Montenegrin Alcatraz”, and today you will find remains of the old prison reborn as haven for birds and – Watch it!! – snakes. After taking photos of the island, we will head for one of the great spots for swimming before going back to Virpazar.


Itinerary – option 2

Lake cruise colored with water lilies and water caltrops which will landscape our way through a small jungle like channels on our way to the island monastery. Passing between “Goat and Sheep Islands”, we will reach the only sacred place in the Lake area, which was never destroyed and originates from the 15th century. Beautiful views of the Lake landscape, but also a quick sight of the tombs of the rulers who belonged to the Crnojevic dynasty, as well as some cattle kept by the monks of the monastery. Before we return, we will make a stop to enjoy some swimming.


Itinerary – option 3

On this cruise we give you a bit of everything – beautiful nature of the Skadar Lake, numerous bird species that inhabit it, medieval monasteries, fishermen villages, and of course local fish dishes. When you combine water lilies, potential pelican sightings and photos, with the backdrop of a religious story and some fishnets lying next to the rotten boats by the sleepy villages, and your stomachs filled with delicious food, experience is complete.


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