An ancient way of life in a mountain village in the North of Montenegro

Somewhere near Berane, you will find this authentic wooden cottage built in 1918 in a traditional style and decorated with cradles, wooden dishes, old shoes called ‘opanci’, and other different symbols of the 20th century. In addition to its breath-taking mountain on all sides, staying in this house provides a complete experience of the ancient way of life in a Montenegrin mountain village.

What to expect if you stay there? You will be welcomed by Maja and Milan, young and hard-working people with four children, a warm family who will do their utmost to make your stay memorable. Beekeeping is a family tradition that is nurtured by generations – they produce top-quality organic honey, fruit honey, and honey brandy (called rakija-medovina in our language) that you will, of course, be able to savor! We recommend you to try the rakija distilled by Milan and its honey: Milan is a certified top producer of organic honey in Montenegro! Homemade meals are made from their freshly harvested fruits and vegetables from their own garden… With the contagious energy and spirit of this lovely family, you will find yourself naturally wanting to join them in harvesting raspberries, carrots, potatoes, and juicing fresh fruit. They might even reveal to you their best recipes of juices and salads for a healthy lifestyle!

This family will share with you the joy of living in this village, it is truly a unique place with a pace of life unchanged in generations… And what is better than a cozy and warm shelter after a day spent at the mountains?