Our Day Explorations

Whether you are in Montenegro on holidays, on a business trip or just passing through, we can take you on day trips to see the hidden gems around Skadar Lake, Podgorica and their surroundings, walk among Roman ruins, visit medieval fortresses, lunch in style at a riverside cafe. We can also take you on day tours to places in Montenegro that few people know of … Our day explorations have no set dates, they are not group tours: we organize them exclusively for you on the day(s) of your choice and we can pick-up from any location in Montenegro.


Call on The Forgotten Towns [MEA002]

Nothing says more about the history of the country than its monuments. Today we take you on the road to the forgotten testaments of the greatness of Montenegrin people. See traces of former glory and enjoy a brief encounter with the ghosts of battles past. 




Discover diversity of Ulcinj [MEA003]

A town famous for its association with pirates, star-crossed lovers and valiant knights has also a unique nature varying from endemic species of wildlife to the most common critters in the world. Come with us and discover its amazing secrets.




Cijevna canyon & ancient breath of Medun [MEA004]

Start your day in present time and be taken on the path to the very dawn of the civilization.





Fairy lake behind the mountains [MEA005]

Sometimes the reality just isn’t enough. Maybe what you need is a short journey to a place of legends to reignite your imagination.





Religious heritage of Podgorica [MEA006]

Religion was so important in Montenegrin history that every Montenegrin town is studded with the monuments built in the name and for the glory of the Creator. Podgorica is no exception.




Conquer ancient fortresses and meal beneath Niagara [MEA007]

The visit to the first known capital of Montenegro and a light walk to the current one.




IMG_9197_hdr_mode_1 (Large)

Traditional honey making in Old Royal Capital [MEA008]

A view from the top is never lonely if you walk among the Gods, while the ghosts of battles past and spirit of freedom whisper of times which are all but forgotten.




Zabes, Godinje - 1

Intertwined paths of traditions  and taste [MEA011]

Take a step on a path which connects two villages with a long tradition and exceptional beauty which is bound to take your breath away.





Gaze into the eyes of Mountains [MEA020]

If you want to run away from overcrowded cities and tourist places, we offer you this purest natural experience of Montenegrin highlights with great mountain peaks and ice blue lake surfaces.





Sailing in the calmer waters [MEA021]

In a beautiful National Park, come and explore ithttps://montenegro-eco.com/sailing-in-the-calmer-waters/s islets, fishermen villages, medieval fortresses, even older churches and the rich local fish cuisine.





 Highlands on Horseback [MEA022]

Experience the wild west in the south-east of Europe. From the plains of the capital to the pastures of the highlands.




Can you keep a secret? [MEA023]

An exclusive VIP experience with an organic, rustic charm. An award-winning estate welcomes you through its door.