Nik’s favorite hike in Montenegro


 I’ve been to many hiking tours this year. Some of them were long and tough to get to, others were close by and made a perfect half-day trip. The common thing for all of them is that they were C-U-S-H-T-Y. What does it mean? It is one of British “oldies” when it comes to slang and means nice and comfortable, happiness. Now cushty being one of my favorite English words needs a proper hike to go with that description.




hiking montenegroI picked one day from May when the nature is still awakening from the long winter dream, but only to open itself for eager wanderers. This was a quest in the secluded and distant north of Montenegro in the not as well-known range of Piva mountains. We departed early in the morning, so we could get there at the best time for the hike. Did I mention numerous breaks on the way? Well there were plenty, passing by artificial but still gorgeous Piva lake, cannot help but to stop and admire. Finally, we arrived to the starting point of the hike. GPS did well this time, though on planned spot for parking (old village church) there actually was no parking of any kind, so we had to go bit further uphill. Trail took us through the small sleepy village where some of the locals cheerfully greeted us and showed us the way, though it was straightforward at that point.



hiking montenegro
Locals in these distant Montenegrin villages are always looking forward to company and (unexpected) guests, I guess that is where the old Montenegrin sense of hospitality is the strongest nowadays. After passing the village and some dirt road section, trail lead further through the forest. Uphill. If I say that forest was really something – looking friendly and yet wild. Does it makes sense? Passed abandoned mountain katun on the way only to hear noise of spring water. Quest to locate it was soon established. I climbed some 50m up the nearby hill and the spring was there. One of the most rewarding feeling is drinking fresh mountain water after couple of hiking hours. Landscapes and forest changed here n there but constant thrill about this hike was overwhelming.





hiking montenegroAnd the best was yet to come… Two gorgeous glacial lakes at over 1000m of elevation. Color – emerald. Now that was really something. Unfortunately, one of unpredictable May rain showers shortened the visit of the second lake and made us all wet, but it only added to the experience of perfect day. Like did the singing in the “Rocky Amphitheater” with only couple of cows to greet the amazing echo (my singing was far from amazing, I must admit); but also great mead wine on the way back at the best jazz place in the country. To the present day I haven’t been to a better hiking tour, and hadn’t had a more perfect day – nature, quietness, beauty of the lakes, numerous smiles and perfect vibe throughout.