Scott and Alexa met while on assignment in Kenya. Alexa was working for a number of NGO’s providing consultancy services on waste management strategies as well as volunteering at a local conservation society. Scott was working on a major new mining project dealing with a range of socio-economic issues.


Always keen adventurer and willing to support local initiatives, an opportunity arose from a business trip that brought Scott in Montenegro. After his work, he set off into the mountains and was immediately struck by the striking beauty and the generous hospitality of the local people. Upon returning home, he could stop talking about his experience to friends and acquaintances and a second visit was planned. Traveling from one side of the country to the other he witnessed the incredible diversity of the landscape and the amazing hidden gem that is the Adriatic coast. Before the trip was finished he had taken steps to relocate to Montenegro.

After further researching Montenegro and its people, it became obvious that more help was needed to protect the region and its unique cultural heritage. A lengthy discussion on Eco Tourism and sustainability with Alexa led to the creation of Montenegro Eco Adventures. It’s certainly been an adventure to bring us this far and the journey has just begun!


Sunset near Kotor