Conquer an ancient fortress and a meal beneath Niagara [MEA007]

Conquer an ancient fortress and a meal beneath Niagara

MEA 007 - Žabljak










  • Duration: 1 day
  • Dates: Anytime
  • Group size: 1 minimum – 12 maximum
  • Fitness level: Easy



The visit to the first known capital of Montenegro and a light walk to the current one.

Join us on this tour that will take you to some hidden treasure spots of Podgorica. In this expedition we won’t seek gold, instead, we’ll look for secluded places that Podgorica has to offer. On a 20 minutes’ drive there is a fortress called Zabljak Crnojevica. This medieval seat of the Crnojevic dynasty has a location to die for, and many did die fighting for it in centuries past. On a small hill surrounded by the lake, Zabljak now lies forgotten, with ribbiting frogs that tell the story of its name (Zabljak means Frogfort). After exploring the old walls of Zabljak, we’ll organize for you the drive to another fortress, which is much older than the first one. Medun, lies on the hillside of Podgorica and dates back to the Roman period, 2000 years ago. It was a seat of the last Illyrian king Gentius. Also, on the hill, it hides numerous necropoleis behind its primeval walls. To make this tour history-free at the end, we’ll take you to the Cijevna canyon, a river nicknamed the „Colorado river of Montenegro“. However, the special place where we’ll organize a lunch for you is called Niagara restaurant, so you can see for yourself that Cijevna features two great river wonders of this world. Three hidden spots in one day, can you resist to pass it?

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