“Meet Me in Montenegro”

Meet Me in Montenegro

Real-life couple Alex Holdridge and Linnea Saasen star in the film, which they co-directed

Film and TV distributor The Orchard has acquired all U.S. and Canadian rights to “Meet Me in Montenegro” which premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and will be released in theaters next year.

Real-life couple Alex Holdridge (“In Search of a Midnight Kiss”) co-directed the love story with Linnea Saasen, and the duo also star alongside Rupert Friend (“Homeland”) and Jennifer Ulrich.

Art imitates life in “Meet Me in Montenegro,” as it is closely tied to Holdridge and Saasen’s real-life relationship. The film centers around L.A.-based writer-filmmaker Anderson (Holdridge) and Norwegian dancer Lina (Saasen), who shared a brief whirlwind romance which took them from Berlin to Montenegro, where Lina vanished – leaving only a note. Years later, a chance encounter reignites their mutual attraction, but their romantic future is ultimately in the hands of fate.

“Linnea and I are both thrilled to be working with the Orchard,” said Holdridge. “We truly couldn’t have dreamed up a better group of creative, passionate and ambitious partners. To us their infusion of creative energy is the shot of adrenaline the U.S. film distribution world has been awaiting for a long time. It is the most exciting company in film distribution right now — bar none. We feel very lucky to be part of what they are launching this year.”

Source: www.thewrap.com

Meet me in Montenegro