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Nikola is the Executive Director of Montenegro Eco Adventures. He has unparalleled enthusiasm for exploring the country’s most remote and historical destinations, defined by their unique natural beauty and/or authentic indigenous cultures. His passion for the incredibly rich history of his country is what drives him. Nik is an avid sportive and passionate young man who will let you have the most extraordinary memories of your Montenegrin travel.


Jelena is our Travel Consultant for the French-speaking guests. In love with the French language and culture, she has been teaching French since 2007. She is most passionate about anything to do with nature and animals (especially dogs and horses). She loves hiking and live up in the wild beauty of this small country. She will give you some great tips to help you discover it.



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Tatjana is our Adventure travel guide specialized in Italian and French guided adventures. Elle enseigne le français, le latin et l’italien au collège et au lycée depuis 20 ans. Mère de quatre enfants et femme de musicien, le travail de guide touristique est pour elle l’occasion d’une escapade hors de sa classe et l’occasion de rencontrer des gens d’autres pays. Pour Tanja, être guide c’est surtout l’ art de faire aimer le Monténégro au reste du monde.


Radonja is one of our guests’ favorite Mountain guide. He has been active in discovering Montenegrin mountains since 2007. Fond of all the wilderness areas in Montenegro, he is always eager to discover more places and share its discoveries with our visitors. Radonja has a great knowledge of medicinal plants and local species of fungi, and there are lots to discover in Montenegro.


photo bio Marko

Marko is our Nature guide specialized in Skadar Lake area. He’s great adventurer, nature lover and photographer. Traveled in more than 30 countries as a volunteer and participated in ecological projects. He started his Lake explorations as a child and has not stopped since. Marko knows the best there is on and around Skadar Lake, and his enthusiasm is now becoming legendary!


Dragutin is our Adventure travel guide specialized in the History of Montenegro [he is actually an History & Geography teacher!]. Besides years of guiding experience all over the Balkans, it will be Drago’s exciting storytelling style that will leave you with a personalized impression of Montenegro after a single tour.

Jelena and her two daughters Milica and Ksenija are our Adventure travel guides specialized in Skadar Lake. They will tell you a lot of traditional stories, legends and customs of the lake, its history and culture, and the beauty of flora and fauna. They have selected for us some of the most beautiful and less visited routes of cruises on the lake, and are members in a group of volunteers for bird watching experience.


Bogdan is our Adventure travel guide specialized in the Lustica Peninsula. His family has lived there for over 17 generations and he loves his peninsula dearly and like to share it with nature and beauty lovers. He can also take you on a private boat trip on the Boka Bay to discover little islands, hidden gems and places he has discovered through the years.


Jann is our Horse riding Instructor who will take you on a ride either along a river through the largest vineyard of Europe or on a rocky mountain with stunning views over the valley of Podgorica. Her love for horses is such, it is always a pleasure to ride with her, either for advanced as well as total beginners! Her goal is to bring horses back more into the Montenegrin culture.


Zuko is one of our expert mountain guide. He started hiking regularly when he was 7 years old and his passion for mountains and wildlife never left him since. Besides having successfully climbed the Mont Blanc to the top, he is a member of the local rescue team. He knows the Hajla mountains and the other Montenegrin mountain ranges like his own pocket, so you can feel pretty safe going hiking with him!


Semir is our snowshoeing, ski touring, mountaineering and hiking guide. As an active mountain guide and leader of rescue groups, Semir participated in various expeditions around the world including the conquest of the Andes and the Himalayas. But the mountains he knows and love best are those of his own country : Montenegro.



Photo Bio Alexandar

Aleksandar is our specialized Ornithologist guide. After graduating as mechanical engineer, he decided to pursue his passion by joining CZIP, an NGO specialized in the protection of birds in Montenegro. He will take you to places where you can spot unique or endemic birds and tell you everything about their flight patterns, physical appearance, and migration patterns.




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