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Observation of fauna and flora in Montenegro

Hiking in Montenegro is an excellent way to observe the local flora and fauna. Especially since our guides have grown up surrounded by all these natural elements, they are true experts in the field. By choosing us, you will benefit not only from the knowledge of your passionate guides, but also from the descriptive sheets translated into French that will be distributed to you about the animals and flora that you might come across on your way. So, you too will be able to learn all about them!

If you would like to be part of our community of researchers of wild flowers, animals and other wild mushrooms, do not hesitate to share your findings with us. To do so, go further down this page.

Contribute to the establishment of a global observation database on fauna and flora. You can also access it via an application on your smartphone.

Use the following credentials to record your observations while hiking in Montenegro:

Login: montenegroeco

Password: MNE099

Click on the logo below to access the website and log in:

Go on an observation mission with us

Our agency organizes an expedition about twice a year inviting you to follow in the footsteps of the Balkan Lynx, among other wolves, bears, deer, wild boar… this beautiful adventure confirms that it is quite possible to hike in beautiful places while inspecting the surroundings and its possible wild habitats.

Do you want to go on an observation with us? Write to us!

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