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Letter from a passionate guide adressed to our travelers

Our local guide Djurdjica, from the Žabljak region, tells us an anecdote in her ode to nature.

”Dear travelers,

First, I would have a simple question for you: when you wake up every morning, do you feel the same? Stressed and feeling tired?

However, have you noticed that the wooden trees near your house are different every day? That the nature, the sky and the clouds form new designs every minute?

Have you been living in same town all your life? Therefore, you still think that everything is the same around you? Are you willing to tackle the routine? Of course, the buildings and streets surrounding you are always the same. In addition, they are not alive. Meet in the middle of nature: you will understand what I am talking about. We, living beings, are part of the mountain, the river, the trees, the flowers – there we can feel relaxed and really happy.

My work as a guide provides me all of this, fills up my energy and allows me to meet with great people from all around the world! When you work in an office, you already know what will happen there the following days, but for me, a new day means a new group, a new experience, a new contact with nature.

That morning last summer I was awakened by a very strong storm. So I called the family who wanted to walk, to find out if they wanted to cancel and stay in town, on a dry place, with the children. But I welcomed this answer: “Why cancel? We all have good equipment and we come here to enjoy in the nature. Let’s go!”

So, in the end, we made a deal: we left, we shortened the ride and stayed in the woods. After all why not? Let’s enjoy it! For me it was also a completely new experience, and the main thing was to be outside, in the nature. So it was raining, and after a few minutes we could smell the rain and then the trees… they were different from yesterday and the days before. This moment was magic, the children were all the time around me, discovering step by step our pleasant journey. We picked strawberries and admired the colorful mushrooms.

When we got to the second lake, I had the pleasure of telling them the legend of the “Snake” lake, which children generally love. After that, as the benches were wet, we went to see another lake, one of the most famous in the country. But before we had to pass a small canyon with beautiful natural pools and waterfalls. Once we arrived at Black Lake, new landscapes and other legends awaited us. These are unforgettable memories.

At the end of the day, the children’s mom said to me: “Now you understand better why we also have to go out when it rains, why wait for the sun?”

Indeed, yes, I understand… and I love these moments the most!

Your passionate guide Djurdjica”

A word about the author

A word about the author

Djurdjica comes from the city of Žabljak, in the Durmitor National Park. A mountain guide is the daughter of a forest ranger and therefore she learned everything about the Durmitor mountains during her childhood. Her great knowledge will help you on short easy walks as well as mountain tops at 2500m altitude.