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Our soft adventures activities

The activities are an integral part of a trip and it is particularly important for us to choose carefully those which correspond the best to the requests of our guests. We offer you soft adventure activities provided by our carefully selected partners. Hop on a boat for cruise on the majestic Skadar Lake, try kayaking or explore some hiking trails located in 5 national parks of Montenegro. Discover the top 10 favorite activities of our partners!

Lovely family of Jelena will make you discover one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro: Skadar lake (boat cruise). You will enjoy time on their traditional wooden boat, while exploring lake channels and amazing landscapes; the delight at the end is a must – a warm welcome and hospitality of Jelena, her husband and their 3 children also have something to do with it.

How is this a soft adventure activity? It’s due to the serenity of the lake, the hospitability and friendliness of Jelena’s family and the fact that more than 280 bird species have made their home there.

Can you imagine a trip to Montenegro without hiking? Diversity of trails in country is suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. This is the best way to immerse into to the beauty of landscapes of Montenegro, while your guide shares the stories about the area, small villages and wildlife.

How is this a soft adventure activity? Because the emotion, once at the top, is unique!

Mirko and his team will guide you on an adrenaline-filled ride in the deepest canyon in Europe. From turquoise blue water of Tara river, through high rocky cliffs of the canyon, all the way to small creek waterfalls, beauty of the nature is essential part of the ride. That’s why rafting day makes a great experience for all ages.

How is this a soft adventure activity? There are some parts quieter with less river rapids where you can completely relax and enjoy the views.

Traveling means exploring not only a different way of life, new landscapes but also a new biodiversity. Observing flora and fauna in Montenegro is one of the most entertaining and amazing things to do, whether you are in the mountains, by the lakes or in the forests.

How is this a soft adventure activity? Because there is nothing more relaxing than nature walks in some pristine areas.

You have the opportunity to visit romantic vineyards, some of which are very renowned and recognized, run by passionate families for generations. On this wine tasting excursion, you will discover local grape varieties such as Vranac (black stallion), unique in this region.

How is this a soft adventure activity? This gastro moment comes down to tasting good wine, accompanied by local products, while learning more about tradition and life in general through passionate story-telling of your hosts.

Take a seat on your canoe and let your instructor, Toni, guide you through the waters of Kotor (canoeing). No one knows the little hidden spots of Boka Bay better than he does. This is a wonderful opportunity to take the time to observe the environment and release yourself of any pressure through some paddling.

How is this a soft adventure activity? Light physical effort is required for this activity.

Our instructor, originally from the United States, welcomes beginners and experienced riders for a horseback ride along mountain paths, fresh creeks or through the largest vineyard in Europe. There’s nothing better in order to feel in total unity with nature.

How is this a soft adventure activity? Horse riding on easy routes is a good warm up activity even for rookies.

Bike rides, whether in high mountains or more urban areas, offer you the opportunity to discover what surrounds you at your own pace and in peace. Take few hours, or even full day, spread your sights over the landscaped slopes of Montenegro and witness the blossoming of nature.

How is this a soft adventure activity? Because you go on a bike ride, discovering a country and its diversity without being bothered by any timeframes.

Canyoning is a good compromise between hiking in the mountains and swimming in natural springs. Do not miss this activity rich in natural wonders, laughs, a bit of challenge competing between each other and sometimes even with some chills on a hot summer day!

How is this a soft adventure activity?  This canyoning trip allows you to follow rivers of all sizes and therefore, to be surrounded by the sound of water for several hours.

Fly fishing in Montenegro offers you opportunity to step into small river creeks of Prokletije or some more famous canyons like Tara and learn more about fauna of these water areas. Also your instructors are involved in protection of the environment so you’ll get to hear more about their efforts for protection while children will surely have great fun during this catch and release activity.

How is this a soft adventure activity?  Getting around in slow tempo with your fishing rod and being patient at “waiting game” is a key to mastering this relaxing activity.

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