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We always offer accommodations that suit your preferences, we priviledge small family-owned hotels and rural households. The regional development agency of the North of Montenegro has named us as the agency that brings most guests to the local families who have embarked on an ecotourism journey, and we are very proud of it! Wiling to share their culture and way of life with travelers, they bring a very personal touch to our travels while still preserving your privacy, and are very often part of our guests’ best vacation memories! Here we present you the three rural families of the month:


Marko’s family always takes great care of their guests, so as to make your stay in Montenegro as unforgettable as possible. They will share with you the culture, the history and the traditions of the country and will propose you several activities such as canoeing, hiking, boat tours, bird watching… The meals they prepare for you will always be made with ingredients from the garden.


We are the first travel agency to have worked with Maja’s family. Today, it is one of the most beloved families among our travellers. A stay with Maja promises you a warm and local experience. With rakija (national alcohol), honey, homemade meals, walks in the mountains organized by Maja herself, you will come back filled with joy from your stay with Maja and her family!


His smile alone will make you feel comfortable from the start. Winemaker and father of two children, being a host is innate to Ivo, it is part of his personality. You will love his wine and the cooking skills of his wife Jelena, who will never let you starve! Their naturalness and kindness make their family one of our travellers’ favourites.

A few years ago I hosted a wonderful family from Belgium through Montenegro Eco Adventures. While preparing and arranging the meal each evening, one of the daughters was always helping me, so I gave her the funny title of my assistant. On their departure, I received a diploma that girl drew, for the best host in the world – my eyes were full of tears, and my heart and mind longed to devote myself more to this work.

It often happens that when Nikola calls to make a reservation it goes with a note: “These people are friends of the group that was here the year before and they insisted on staying with you. Do you remember the family of…?” I believe that direct recommendation is the best testimony to our dedication and to mutual satisfaction present in cooperation with Montenegro Eco Adventures.

The cooperation we have with Montenegro Eco Adventures team is excellent and we are extremely pleased. We both work in a way that is in best of interest for the guest, as our priority is customer satisfaction. High reviews from guests from year to year give us the biggest incentive for even more dedicated work and attitude towards the services and products we provide.