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Our local guides

Kind, enthusiastic, professional. This is how we describe our guides: specialists for mountains, flora and fauna of the country, city tours, history… each will give you what you need to fully understand the essence of Montenegro.

Here are our 5 good reasons to go hiking with a guide. In general, we always advise you to discover the country with a local as it is the best way to be immersed in a new culture during a couple of days of holiday.


Our mountain guide Radonja comes from Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. The mountains are his second home. If you want to know everything about mushrooms, go on an expedition with Radonja! He is our best expert on the subject. He likes camping under the stars and his favorite place is Kucke mountains, the montain range between Podgorica and Kolasin.


Our mountain guide Djurdjica comes from the city of Zabljak, located on the verge of Durmitor National Park. Being daughter of a ranger, from early childhood she learned everything about mountains and trails of Durmitor. Her great knowledge will make you enjoy the short easy walks as well as heavy climbs reaching as high as 2500m altitude.


Ahmet is our mountain guide from Plav and he is an expert in Prokletije region, mountain range located on the border of Kosovo and Albania. Some of our travelers nicknamed him as “The Gentle Giant” because of the great care he shows, especially throughout difficult hikes to the heart of the “Accursed mountains” (literal translation of Prokletije).


Tanja is our guide from Cetinje. She is also a French teacher in high school: being fluent in French, visits with her are very pleasant! This mother of four kids is very passionate about her hometown, loves art, and she even published a book. You will love Tanja!


Djordje started as a driver for Montenegro Eco Adventures, always getting great reviews from people, so then he decided to pass his tour guide license exam. He is from Podgorica and has been working in our team for four years. This young man is always positive, cheerful and in general he’s more than just a guide – Djordje is a perfect travel companion.


Jann is our horse riding instructor who will guide you through magnificent horseback rides, whether on the edge of a river crossing the largest vineyard in Europe, or in the rocky mountains offering incredible views of the valley of Podgorica. Her love for horses is endless, and her ultimate goal is to bring horseback riding back into the culture of Montenegro.


Zuko started hiking on a regular basis when he was seven years old and his passion for the mountains and wildlife never left him since. In addition to successfully climbing Mont Blanc, Zuko is also a member of the local rescue team. He’s an expert in Hajla region and the other mountain ranges of Montenegro: you will always be safe with Zuko!


Bogdan is our adventure travel guide specialized for Lustica Peninsula. His family has lived there for 17 generations and, after the village was abandoned for decades, him and his partner Milica have rebuilt it a few years ago – now it is a real haven of peace. Bogdan also organizes private boat tours around Boka Bay and takes you to discover small islands and other secret places.


Dragutin (nickname Drago) is our tour guide, specialist in the history of Montenegro. And for a good reason, he is also a History/Geography teacher! Not to mention his years of experience as a guide in the entire Balkan, his narrative skills are beyond words, passionate and fascinating – he will make you feel like you know Montenegro by heart after only one visit in his company!

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