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Our mission is to organize the best eco-travel adventure ever for all our guests. So to do so, we have interviewed some experienced travelers particularly keen on ecotourism travel with a focus on adventure travel, and asked them this simple, yet not easy to answer question: “What is for you the ultimate eco travel adventure?”

In the text below we present to you the answers of our beloved travelers! We really learned a lot through this process and it helped us greatly to improve our services to ensure all our guests get the trip of their lifetime with us!



My ultimate eco travel adventure includes exploring our very essential heritage: nature and wildlife. An environment where you can just ‘be’ and take in the beauty and gifts of nature we should all treasure. Getting the opportunity to reflect on your true values. An eco travel adventure should be educative, to enhance the reflection, seamlessly. How could I contribute more to a better world, environment? Moreover, it should all come with fun! Laughter, talks, activities,… Having a good host who facilitates, and a group who likes sharing.

J.Z, Belgium


I really get excited to answer this question ! Waking up in my little tent home stay,  early in the morning before daylight comes. Be ready & fit for suffering in the high misty mountains ! Just wandering with no limits and directions. Smell the air and admire the beautiful colors and details of nature. Nice views when it clears up after the first 3 mystery hours into the mist. Passing by bright blue colored lakes and different flora & fauna. Going higher and higher. Reaching the snow and refresh. Standing on a peak and scream so loud I can; Because I am the happiest women in the world (-: Collect moments like this make me so proud and rich.

D.G, The Netherlands


My ideal green vacation would be the opportunity to get in touch with nature, a few days to disconnect from the stress of modern urban lifestyles. No mobile phones or internet, staying in a sustainable lodging (yourt, eco house ), surrounded by wilderness. Preparing good locally sourced food and spending evenings in front of an fire, walking in nature, and just being grateful for living in such a beautiful world.

K.B, Scotland


Exploring a place like a local! Getting to see the real countryside, off the beaten track, taking walks into the forests and hills. Eating great food out in the open air, trying out crazy new sports; bungee jumping, parachuting; whatever is on offer! Getting into the ocean everyday, hanging out and chatting with the people who call the place home; understanding what life is really like their on a day to day basis.

J.W, Ireland


I would wanna find myself in a very authentic place, listening to the sound of the locals language and meet them in person trying to communicate with hands and feet, go hiking in the wildest and purest places where no tourists go, eat the typical local dishes and listen to the local music. I would want an active vacation with a small group of people and lots of outdoor activities, learning about nature, being with nature without leaving a negative impact.

H.S, Germany


The ultimate eco travel adventure for me would be being outside in nature for as much time as possible. Growing up “outside” in South Africa makes me long for being “outside” again. Exploring the beauty of nature as it was created and ideally not seeing “tourists” around. Sleeping outside and seeing stars without being blinded by city lights. Eco-friendly to me means using what you are made off and being part of nature as much as possible, no engines, no internet, no Facebook. Just hiking boots, a backpack, strong leg, fresh air and NATURE!! The best part is seeing places you never thought or expected you would!

L.L.G, The Netherlands


It’s 3 AM, freezing cold, silent. Wide awake on the cliff’s edge I peer into the deep moonlit valley. My eyesight struggles in the dim light but beyond me is a scene to behold, to remember and share. The silence is awoken, “click”, my camera has been taking a sequence of shots for the last two hours, a time lapse of the Milky way as we rotate beneath it.

A rooster tells me  a fresh coffee awaits on my descent into the small village, children are awake, a baby is crying, a Goat nods good morning as I venture on past his garden of Eden, birds are singing in their finest voices. Smell that?….ummm fresh air with a mild perfume from the virgin flowers opening to greet the sunrise. I steal an orange from an abundant tree overgrowing my path. […] Back at my home stay I have an awesome feed which then finds me here on a cliff face, overlooking a valley waiting for moonrise, its 3 AM, freezing cold, silent.

V.D, Australia


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